Some of the most expensive domains of all time

Sold in 2006 for $ 1,500,000

The purchase and sale of the domain between the two Norwegian companies is dated 2006, but was made public only in 2007, when he published financial statements. And Tandberg Tandberg – both from Norway – finally agreed who gets the name.

Tandberg Data – manufacturer and supplier of solutions for backup and archiving, has decided to accept an offer to purchase a domain from provider of visual communication products and services Tandberg with headquarters in New York and Norvegii.Vprochem today Tandberg (the one that bought rather than one that is sold) is included in Cisco, and domain, the price of which $ 1.5 million is only used to redirect visitors to the main site of the company

Sold in 2009 for $ 1,525,000

Domain was sold to a company profitable, which trades names. But what happened to, and as things stand today, it is not known – the server does not find him, and in the range no name.

Sold in 2008 for $ 1,659,000

Company Minnesota’s Associated Computers, Inc., finally gave up and sold the company ESS Data Recovery, has long tried unsuccessfully to buy it.

To this day, the domain functions to the official website of the company, which has not stinted and yet redeemed himself coveted name.

Sold in 2009 for $ 1,700,000

It was rumored that not even sell for $ 1.7, and $ 2.5 million. But according to official statements, the domain is still sold cheaper company Real Estate Disposition Corporation’s (REDC).

“For years I wanted to buy this domain, and am very pleased that we were able to buy a top-class name – said the deal CEO Robert Friedman. – REDC without question the number one in the US and in many ways the global real estate markets. And this domain should belong to us from the beginning. Finally, we bought

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